Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My ED consultant said he was "very impressed" by my work yesterday. Completely made my day! It's embarassing how much the opinions of my bosses mean to me. People sometimes tell me that I shouldn't care so much and that I should just carry on and do what I feel I need to do but when a boss says you're doing well it's like music to your ears. haha

Truth be told, it was definitely more challenging of a day than the other days. I generally like 'hiding out' in the sub-acute area where you deal mainly with fractures, abdo pain, fevers etc but yesterday we didn't have that many patients and the consultant needed to evaluate me so he randomly handed me patients off the top of the stack and I ended up with pretty challenging cases from the acute section. The acute section is always more complicated because patients are older with multiple health issues, generally are not too mobile and a bit confused, and they take a pretty long time to get worked up as a result. In the subacute section I can work fairly quickly, which I like.. and I get to do things like manage wounds which kinda makes me feel useful. But yea, definitely encouraged. :-D

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