Monday, June 18, 2012


As it turns out the ACT and Western Australia have pretty much decided to protect their own international medical students in terms of internship allocations, which basically means I have even less of a chance to get a job next year. According to the figures about 6 out of say 150 of us in NSW will get a job - not the best stats in the world. So here's the thing - if I don't get a job as a doctor next year, I'm pretty much offering my services to any legit, suitable organisation that may need a bit more help in 2013. So if anyone who reads this knows of such a group do pass on the message. I'll be graduating with a medical degree and am particularly interested in charitable/aid/humanitarian organisations such as China Cal, A21, Mercy Ships etc. I don't have to be working in a medical capacity since I won't have completed my internship yet but I'd love to be able to help out some place - make the most of my time and make this world a better place.

In terms of organisational skills etc, I started a fundraising charity when I was around 17 or 18 and we raised $60,000 in our first 2 week event, with no 'adult' involvement.. so what I'm trying to say is while I may not necessarily know much about your organisation, I learn pretty quick. I've also served food in soup kitchens.. a lot. And I quite like that.

In terms of medicine or research, I'm fairly happy with most fields but as you would have read so far I am besotted with cardiology. I live, sleep and drink cardiology... to use a slogan from.. oh, waitaminute, Coca Cola. Having said that, I kinda like medicine as a whole.. and I'm definitely interested in public health.

I'm not really sure what else to do with my time should I end up with a year off. If I have any money left, perhaps I will travel. Learn languages. Spend time with my folks. Pass a few more music exams. I really don't know. But God does... so come what may, I'm happy.

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