Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Some happy stuff

I went over all the notes I have written here since I moved to Tasmania. I don't know if I seem very downcast about it all still but I am not any longer. I have been enjoying myself particularly in the past month or two, meeting many lovely people, who as a whole have been sooo much more interesting and friendly and open than people are in Sydney. I always had my small group of friends in Sydney (who I love dearly), though they are much busier than my new friends here and much less inclined to just live life because everyone is racing up some ladder or another. So there have been some good times. In particular, I will say this for posterity - the men are fabulous. They were gorgeous, and incredibly charming, a significant proportion are ripped and they can all be very irresistable when they decide to turn on the charm. I am always mind blown by the fact that we can find attractive men anywhere. haha have definitely been enjoying that aspect of life here.

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