Saturday, June 8, 2013

Short interview with Dr Fuster

I periodically look for interviews with Dr Fuster on YouTube because he really inspires me. The 4Ts he talks about here is what he tells all his fellows at Mount Sinai Heart. Jose was telling me all about this during my time in New York. I hope that by the time I am a cardiology trainee Dr Fuster will still be working so hopefully I will get to work with him again! I think this man is just wonderful because if there is anybody in the world who embodies cardiology, it's him, and I love cardiology. I want to know everything about cardiology. So I look at Fuster and am in awe coz one day I want to be like him. As good as him. And even perhaps, better!
1) Time to reflect - to always think about where you are heading
2) Talent to discover - to do what you have talent in
3) Transmit positivity - don't waste time on negativity
4) Tutoring - to find a good mentor

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