Saturday, August 18, 2012


I've decided to post my nightmares here for posterity because in retrospect, they are so ridiculous they're kinda funny. So I have recurring nightmares about batman. I dislike that series, but I usually watch it anyway. I think it's too dark. Too violent. Too pessimistic as a whole, even if the good guy ends up winning. One of my batman-related nightmares involves me running from Santubong Beach in Sarawak to church in Kuching City. When I get to church I run to the kids room but the Penguin (one of Batman's nemeses) finds me. Another ending sees me hiding under a table at a tea party, but the Joker lifts the table cloth.

In another dream I am walking downstairs from my house and I notice a little capsule (kinda like the one Superman came to Earth in) and I look in and see this old little person sitting inside. The capsule is black and doesn't move. I see a button on the wall and switch it on and that batman signal thing? It gets projected into the sky. I look out of another window and I see an evil old lady chopping vegetables on the patio outside the house. Then I grab a broom stick and try to beat the invader in the house.

Tonight I dreamt I was at a GP when a crazy baby sized old man comes in and kills people with a cleaver. He falls asleep in the end (like a baby) and when he is sleeping we destroy him. Yes, my dislike for O&G is deep seated.

Another time I dreamt that I was being chased by Puss in Boots (an evil version? I haven't actually watched this movie). We (my sister and I) see a dog nearby and assume the dog will chase Puss away but Puss jumps on the dog and rides it like a horse.

The nightmares go on and on. And the plots are insane. Just goes to show that I should stop watching all these superhero shows! They all turn bad anyway.

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