Thursday, January 31, 2013

Preventative Care

I had a thought today about a possible research/public health project that could be pursued in some form here in Launceston. I was recalling the days in New York where I noticed that a certain patient group was so different from that normally seen in a clinic. This was not just because they were incredibly wealthy, but notably, because their doctor provided such excellent preventative care that they were so much healthier than other patient groups. I wondered if we could create some sort of a 'model city' here in terms of preventative care which perhaps could be duplicated elsewhere if it works here. after all, this is a small city (seems much more like a town) with the hospital being the largest employer in the vicinity. There are not too many GPs, so we would probably be able to coordinate/standardise care or interventions through these GPs and then at the end of the project we could have a look at pre-determined parameters to see if the inhabitants of this city are healthier than the Australian average.

Similar to how New York tends to be a city that trials certain health models or public health laws, I think we could potentially do something here, and maybe launch to the rest of Australia thereafter.

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