Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Laduree, Sydney

I found out last night that Laduree opened its first outlet in Sydney two or three days ago. It is news that I am greeting with mixed feelings - on the one hand I am excited to have it here because it was a feature of my time in New York (where it was also fairly new) but on the other I feel like my experience and memories of New York have been violated a bit. I know it is irrational but Laduree was a part of my New York experience and there are some things, like Laduree, and the Met and Central Park, that I just want to keep sacred to that place you know? Or some other far away place, like Paris. Also, Laduree opened its outlet at a Westfield shopping center in the City which is a bit pedestrian. It doesn't have its own shop front - just a pop up stall for now and it makes me sad to think of Laduree as pedestrian. Mm.. there are some things in life that are wonderful and perfect because they are rare. I sure hope Laduree doesn't become all commercialised and 'commonplace' like McDs.

Anyway, here are pictures from another food blog (sorry Ramenraff if you see this - I have not asked for permission). You can head over to to check out its review of the place.

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