Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It is the 9th of September 2014 and I thought it was time for an update. I am going through a relatively peaceful period of life right now. My investment unit has been rented out and appears to be sorting itself out as far as mortgages go. My job applications are done. I've received promising feedback and expect to be offered a position back at my alma mater which is great. I am currently completing the year with two general medicine terms in a little rural hospital in northern NSW and so far it has been pretty cruisy and enjoyable. I have recently moved back into staff quarters as renting a room was too stressful - dealing with people who are 'different' can be difficult and not what I want to have as part of my private life.

The only stressor of note are the research projects that I am trying to complete so that I do not have too much on my plate, going forward into 2015. I am hoping to clean the slate as much as possible, to give myself space to do well in the next two years. I am certainly looking forward to the start of 2015 - it feels like life will be back on track.

As I reflect back on the year, there are a few things I have become aware of. First, that  I never want to rent a room from a private landlord again. Second, that I am starting to meet people who I feel that I would like to keep in my life for a long time. Some of them don't know it yet - ArvDam for one, who I find quite a warm, pleasant person and who may well be giving me a job back at the Prisoners of War. CanKh, maybe HM. Sarah, Jenny, Vince, BenL. It's nice to feel like you are growing into your future. I am also on my third hospital now and am growing into this whole 'doctor' identity as well. I am downsizing - because too much clutter makes it difficult to move.

But through it all, I find that two things do not change - my walk with Christ, and my relationship with my family (or really, my mum, these days) and that is a comforting fact. I draw strength from songs by Hillsong, and Lecrae. I draw strength from the God I see in Jer Lin and the things he says and does. He talks about his weeknesses, but I suppose God uses broken vessels because even the little Jeremy (thinks he) brings has been great - like water to a thirsty soul. I thank God for Jeremy and his example.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope everything remains nice and cruisy. Will update again soon.

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