Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I love my job.

I've just started as the cardiology intern at my hospital and I love it. This week we do not have a registrar due to a lack of staff but it has given me the opportunity to step up and take on some tasks that I won't otherwise have had to do. Some times I feel really stretched and sometimes I get frustrated because I cannot remember what the advanced trainee wants me to do (because a lot of it isn't intuitive yet). But an hour or two out of thr work place and I look back thinking that in those hard moments I've grown. I've inched forward in my understanding of this field that I love so much. I've become a marginally better doctor. And looking back, I love every moment of it. The painful ones, the awkward ones, the extra questions, the nurses that won't leave you alone. Because through all of that I've learnt more, I've grown and I've stepped closer to my future in cardiology.

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